Tokyo: The Exciting City.


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1) 4 Week Beginner Course

Learn the Real Basics, Efficiently in Tokyo.

2) Standard Academic Beginner's Course



  • A well balanced curriculum where students will focus on reading, listening, writing and speaking and gain the 4 basic skills of the Japanese language.
  • Total beginners can enrol; however, learning Hiragana first is highly recommended.



Recommended For:

  • Beginners serious about studying Japanese.

Once you reach JLPT N3 (intermediate level Japanese), you may advance to the focused academic intensive courses below.


Free Wi-fi, student lounge, computer stations, English-speaking staff and part-time job finding support. 

(Fee includes registration for the school, text book and course tuition. You pay the same price direct to the school).

3) Focused Academic Intensive Courses (Medium-High Intensity)

Study efficiently, but still have spare time

For those who want to study towards... 


Graduate School,


Passing the JLPT,

... In Japan!

Career guidance is available in selected courses.


4) High Intensity Courses

Spend most of your time in Japan studying and advance faster.

5) Learn on Holiday in Tokyo!



  • Get to experience the amazing culture and learn Japanese in a short period of time.
  • Take part in unique activities, such as traditional tea ceremonies, wear kimonos with your new friends, tour the beautiful Nikko, and learn to make your own sushi!


6) Speaking Courses

Speaking course at GenkiJACS

Speaking course at GenkiJACS

Improve your confidence in speaking Japanese and make friends from around the world.

  • Medium intensity/Study at your own pace
  • Friendly environment

7) Speaking & Manga Course


Speak Japanese & Draw Manga in Tokyo

  • Conversation lessons 20 lessons/week
  • Manga lessons twice a week after school

Learn at a professional manga school with 17 years of experience

8) Study & Culture Courses

Image from GenkiJACS

Image from GenkiJACS

Learn communicative Japanese and learn about the culture!

  • Practical Japanese lessons 20 lessons/week.
  • Activities held throughout the week and on Saturdays:
  • Traditional culture such as tea ceremony, sword-fighting, calligraphy.
  • Pop culture such as anime and manga, maid cafes, cosplay.

9) Study long-term at a Slower Pace

In the district known for it's fashion, study in Shibuya and enjoy the exciting Tokyo.


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