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4 week course on the basics in Tokyo.

Begin your journey studying towards:
University in Japan,
Finding full-time work in Japan and more.

Study practical Japanese & do fun cultural activities.

Focus mainly on communication!

Tokyo - Beginner Basics Course (Hiragana/Katakana)


Learn the Real Basics, Efficiently in Japan


Recommended for:

  • Total beginners
  • Learning the real basics such as Hiragana, Katakana and simple phrases, while getting to live in and explore Tokyo.


  • You must be 16+ to join the course.

There is no age limit or other requirements; you are welcome to join!



Classes are well-paced, meaning you will learn plenty in a short period of time, but also have enough time to study & enjoy Japan.

Fun activities are organised by the school; such as tea ceremony or going hiking!


30 years of experience and trust

Many graduate student referrals

Enhanced support system

Wide variety of nationalities to meet

Learning Hiragana; the Japanese alphabet.          あさ= asa, morning.

Learning Hiragana; the Japanese alphabet.          あさ= asa, morning.

School Features:

Kudan Institute of Language & Culture (KILC/Kudan) provides:

  • Free Wifi, computer stations, Japanese, Korean and English-speaking staff, effective and informative counselling sessions, various school activities and many opportunities to make Japanese friends.


  • Learn how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana (the Japanese alphabet)
  • Learn to speak about yourself and your home country
  • Have simple everyday conversations in Japanese.


Classes are Monday to Friday in the morning from 9:10 - 12:40 (3.5 hours).

  • Enough time in the afternoon, evening and weekends to study hard and also explore Tokyo.


Teitomisaki Building 1F, (Look for the Family Mart next door)

2 Chome-7-10, Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to, 101-0061

Download school map surroundings



4 week course: 88,000 JPY (about 770 USD).

(Fee includes registration for the school, text book and course tuition).

Here are the average fees to help plan for your trip.


Option 1) 4 weeks homestay: 88,400 JPY (about 780 USD).

(This fee includes the placement fee for homestay, breakfast & dinner for weekdays and 3 meals are included for weekends).

Option 2) 4 weeks guest house: 65,000 JPY (about 590 USD).

Transport from the airport

Starting dates:

(4 weeks course)

Monday 5th March - Friday 30th March 2018

Monday 11th June - Friday 6th July 2018

Monday 3rd September - Friday 28th September 2018

Monday 26th November - Friday 21st December 2018

・This is a 4 week course recommended for complete beginners.

Learn Japanese in Japan!

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