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Whether you wish to experience the culture, study towards university or college in Japan, pass proficiency tests,
learn the language for international business, want to live here in the future or simply want a memorable trip overseas, there are courses that will help you achieve your goals.


It is the easiest, most efficient & enjoyable way to study. Learn about the culture, not just grammar points.

Experience the amazing service, interact with people from around the globe and gain a whole new perspective.


We specialise in Japanese language courses in Japan, meaning we give you insightful advice and help you choose the best course that suits you.


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 Enjoying class at GenkiJACS

Enjoying class at GenkiJACS

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Learn Japanese you can use every day and adapt to new situations.

 Lessons by GenkiJACS

Lessons by GenkiJACS

Study towards University
Grad School
College, Job-Finding or The JLPT.

 University Preparation Courses by accredited schools

University Preparation Courses by accredited schools

Practical Japanese plus fun cultural activities

 Holiday Course by KILC ( Watch the video )

Holiday Course by KILC (Watch the video)


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