Benefits of studying at a Japanese Language School


Language Schools in Japan

You may ask yourself, what are the benefits?

Here are just some of the reasons that you should go to study in Japan.


Effectively & Enjoyably Improve Your Japanese

There is a myth that says: By living in a foreign country, you will automatically absorb the foreign language and eventually you will understand and become fluent; it will just happen.

Even if this was true, it would take too much time and give you much confusion.

By studying at a language school in Japan, you will have a stimulating environment around you to help you learn and improve.

In all the courses, your Japanese will have lots of improvement in a short period of time; due to your efforts and being surrounded by Japanese.

Not only is studying at a language school in Japan more effective, but it is also more enjoyable than self-study, as you will meet many like-minded people and you can study together.

In some courses, you can use the practical Japanese you have learnt in class to help you explore Japan on a whole other level than before.

In the upper levels, you will be able to have conversations with Japanese people and even have intellectual discussions in Japanese.

Other intense courses offer great support to help prepare and apply for University or College in Japan, finding a full-time job or studying for the JLPT. 


Learn about the Traditional Culture of Japan

Just because you move to another country, doesn't necessarily mean you will understand the culture and fit in automatically. Especially in Japan's case, the culture is quite distinct from other countries, even ones from Asia.

When studying at a language school in Japan, the school will often host a variety of cultural activities such as traditional tea ceremonies and cultural exchanges with Japanese, so you can get to know the culture and understand the people around you better. This is very important in feeling that you are part of a community, not just a foreigner who doesn't know what to do.


Get a Taste of Living in Japan

Moving to a whole other country, to live or to study abroad is a big deal. Even if you have been to many other countries before, Japan is totally different. It is like arriving in a whole new world.

Experiencing life in Japan while at a language school is a good first step, as you will have a lot of guidance and support, so you are not completely alone.

Not only will you get a taste of life here, but you will also improve your Japanese which will be extremely helpful in your everyday life.

For those who have always dreamt of living in Japan, you can make it happen here with a lot more support so it is much easier for you.


Make Friends from Around the World

Unlike language schools in your home country, studying at a Japanese language school in Japan is very different and exciting, as you will meet a variety of people that have come together from all over the world to study Japanese.

Not only will you study and learn about the Japanese culture, but you will also make many new friends and learn about many different cultures as well. You will expand your view of the world and be able to make global connections.

On top of the fond memories you will make, having friends from around the world will be beneficial in travelling to different countries (imagine having someone you can rely on in a foreign country), doing business internationally, and will just improve your quality of life. One can argue that you are missing out on many different depths of life if you don't make international friends and learn about their culture. Imagine all the delicious food you have never tasted yet! There are many different cultures in one location at a language school, so you will have a great time.

Studying the same language together means you will always have something in common to talk about. You can discuss and can discover new things and places together, and create great connections this way, even in a short period of time. Explore Japan together.

Just imagine studying at cute Japanese cafés and libraries, going out to izakaya (Japanese bars) and enjoying all the oishii (delicious) food...
Going to the local onsen (hot springs) after a big day... Trying out all the different ramen joints, understanding the local Japanese person's recommendation for the best one... The list goes on. Coming for a 2 weeks holiday is totally different than coming for studying and living in Japan. You will learn much more and have a more enjoyable experience.


Improve Career Opportunities

Although Japan is a clean and beautiful country, it has problems, too. This means opportunity for new things, and this is a big opportunity for you.

Japanese companies are increasingly hiring foreigners to help expand to the global market; as Japan's population and therefore the local market is shrinking. They need your valuable skills and expertise in your home country to help expand to the global market; because if they do not, frankly, their company will not survive.

Most people who come to Japan end up in a job teaching English. This is a great job and you can have fun with it, but you may end up feeling stuck and not having any other options to get full-time work in Japan.

Language school helps you advance your education and if you have a degree, you can increase your Japanese language ability to JLPT N1/N2. If you would like you can join a job-hunting class that gives you the right support and advice to find a job.

Furthermore, by having high enough Japanese ability (at least JLPT N2 level is recommended), you can apply to Japanese companies with branches in your home country. Every international company has to have an office in the country of their branch, so you can apply for a job there in your home country and use your Japanese to work and help make a difference.

When looking for a job in Japan and getting a work visa; experience living in Japan, and of course, knowing the language will be very beneficial. At least JLPT N2 and preferably JLPT N1 is recommended, and that you can conduct yourself well in the interview, on top of having valuable skills that the company needs. In most language schools, they have job hunting classes to help you navigate and improve your chances in the complex process of looking for a job in Japan. Learn More


Study hard in a language school and your Japanese will improve immensely, you will learn about the culture, experience what life is like here, make good friends from all over the world and you will be able to create wonderful memories while pursuing a better future.

With so many different courses available to choose from (there are over 500 language schools in Japan), it can be a very difficult and time-consuming process to choose and apply to a school.

We help make it easier for you by recommending the best schools as said by past students, and helping you with the application as you will have questions along the way.

Enquire about studying in Japan and we can help you find & apply to the best course for you.