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All Courses:

  • Immerse yourself in Japan

  • You do not have to be a current student

  • Optional cultural activities

  • Build an international network

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Short Courses

  • 1 week - 6 months. Minimum age is 14 depending on the course, and most students are in their 20’s. There is no age limit!

+ JLPT Intensive study

Learn essential skills to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

The JLPT is the most famous standardised test for Japanese; helpful in getting job interviews.

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+ Communication Course

Learn practical, conversational Japanese you can use. Learn more in a few weeks than by yourself or at university for a few years!

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+ Teen Program (14 - 19 year olds)

Learn with people your age, with extra support so your parents rest assured.

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+ 50 Plus Golden course

Special course available on request.

  • Other short-term courses:

Working Holiday Option

+ learn the language, Travel to different areas, work to offset travel expenses.

  • Only for people from eligible countries.
  • Age limit is 18 to 30 years old to apply for the visa.

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Long-Term Courses

  • 6 months or longer language courses in Japan.

  • Option to go into vocational college or university in Japan afterwards, which requires you to first have 12 years of primary/secondary education or equivalent.

  • Requires minimum junior high school graduation.

+ Practical Japanese Course

Learn the language, experience life & the culture in Japan doing fun cultural activities. Study well towards fluency with this course.

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+ Intensive Course

Learn overall Japanese (reading, writing, listnening & speaking). Great if you want to study in Japan, but not clear on your future plans. Options to get help in getting into university in Japan, vocational college towards a profession in Japan, study towards a Master's degree in Japan, job-finding (if you already have a degree), and help in passing the JLPT N2 or N1.

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+ Job-finding Course

If you already have a 4 year bachelor’s degree, you can go straight towards employment after reaching the necessary Japanese language level. The language school can help find an employer to sponsor you a work visa.

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If you do not have a Bachelor's degree or higher, you can go to vocational college in Japan instead (see below), and you will not require a degree to get a work visa in Japan.

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Vocational college(training, specialist college)

  • Requires business-level Japanese or equivalent. (JLPT N2 or equivalent).

    • You can do these language courses in Japan to reach this language level! Inquire for courses that suit you.

  • Learn real-life skills and get experience for a profession.

+ Vocational college preparatory Course

In this course, you can reach the required Japanese level and get guidance on choosing the vocational college and pass the entrance exams.

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University in Japan

  • Requires business-level Japanese proficiency (JLPT N2) or equivalent.

    • You can do the language course below in Japan to reach this level! Inquire for courses that suit you.

  • Get a degree in English or Japanese.

+ University Preparatory course

In this course, you will learn all 4 skills reading, writing, speaking and listening, and prepare for the university entrance exams!

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Graduate School in Japan

+ Graduate School Preparatory course

The language school can help reaching the required level (JLPT N2, N1) and researching for your paper, even finding a suitable professor.

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You Can Study Anywhere In Japan.

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