Practical Japanese Course

Photo from GenkiJACS

Photo from GenkiJACS

Recommended For:

  • Learning conversation where you can adapt to new situations easily. You will be fluent before you realize!

Distinctive Features:

  • Maximum 9 people in a class.
  • Unlike a traditional school, learn at an at-home like environment with free coffee and tea.


  • Optional events for students; between 7 & 10 events a week!


No prior knowledge of Japanese is required.

You only need to know Hiragana before you start; we will help you learn this once you apply if needed.

  • Tokyo: Minimum age is 18 (no age limit)
  • Fukuoka: Minimum age is 14 (no age limit)
  • No prior education requirements.

Photos from GenkiJACS

School accreditations:

  • Won the Star Awards World Language School award for 2016.

School Features:

Choose from 2 different locations.

(You can even request to go to both).

The exciting big city of Tokyo,

or the city of Fukuoka (Hukuoka) with beautiful beaches nearby.

Here is a comparison of the two:

Shinjuku, Tokyo (Minimum Age: 18+)

A short walk from Shinjuku station.
There is always something exciting going on, and you will have a fun experience.
You can visit all of the famous places in a few minutes on the efficient public transport: Shibuya, Akihabara, Harajuku, Nakano Broadway, Ikebukuro, Ginza, just to name a few.



Hanazono Building 3rd Floor,

5-17-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan.

Hakata, Fukuoka (Pronounced Hukuoka) (Minimum Age: 14+)

If you would like to focus on your Japanese language ability, then Fukuoka is a more peaceful place to study, while still being convenient as it is in the centre of the big city. It is also warmer than the rest of Japan, with great beaches.

There are many mountains surrounding, so you can even go hiking!

Both schools have many exciting events held 7-10 times a week, as mentioned before.



Genki Building,

1 Chome-16-23, Hakata-eki-higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 812-0013, Japan.

Central Locations√
Tokyo: Short walk from Shinjuku station.
Hakata: 10 minutes from Fukuoka airport and walking distance from Hakata train station.

Great Facilities√
Library, TV Room, Elevators, Wheelchair access, Eating Area, Free Wi-Fi, Computers, After-Class Seminars, Study Area, Free coffee and tea.

Great support√

English-speaking, super friendly staff available.

Tip from past students:
Students who have been to both locations mostly report they prefer Fukuoka's location and lifestyle to study Japanese.

Photos from GenkiJACS

With maximum 9 people in a class; you can focus more on your Japanese and learn better while forming closer bonds with friendly classmates and teachers.


(Sample only; actual schedule may differ depending on the level.)

AM: Skills application class; two 50-minute classes.

PM: Japanese grammar; two 50-minute classes.


20 class hours per week.

Optional Classes:

The school now also offers:

  • Exam Skills (once a week, ¥2,150 per lesson)
  • Kanji Skills (once a week, ¥2,150 per lesson)
  • Private Lessons (¥6,500 per lesson)

Starting Dates:

Every Monday!

You will be placed in a class that suits your level, after a level check test.

Complete beginners must start on the first Monday of every month, and third Mondays in June, July and August.

Total Costs:

Registration* and textbook/material fee: 21,500 JPY

Tuition: 32,500 JPY per week.

6 months discount: 590,000 JPY (24 weeks tuition) (26% Discount applied!)

This is the full price including registration and materials.

12 months discount: 990,000 JPY (40 weeks tuition, 9 weeks holiday) (24% Discount applied!)

This is the full price including registration and materials.

*Please note that the school charges this; we do not charge you. You pay the same price direct to the school.

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