Accommodation - Practical Japanese in Kyoto

Option 1) School organises accommodation.

Pros: Simpler & no hassles.

Cons: One-time placement fee of JPY 19,500. Cannot choose exact location.

Option 2) Organise accommodation yourself!

Pros: Choose the exact location & no placement fee.

Cons: May be more expensive rates and takes time.

Please see below for the school's options:

Homestay | Guest House | Private Apartment | 




Homestay/Host Family

Recommended for those who want to practice their Japanese, enjoy home-cooked Japanese food and learn the culture first-hand. Students under 18 should choose homestay.

From JPY 28,000 per week.

genki acc tokyo home.PNG


Guest House

Photo from GenkiJACS

Photo from GenkiJACS

  • Same as above; except you have your own room so you get more privacy/alone time!

  • Recommended for those who want to make friends and learn about different cultures while having your own space to yourself.

  • Includes bed, desk, and simple living space for 2-8 people at a time.

    Shared kitchen, toilet and bathing facilities.

  • JPY 15,000 per week.


Private Apartment

  • Can be rented by the week!

  • Close to a hotel room but quite a bit less expensive.

  • Includes bed, living room area, kitchen area, bathroom.

  • Generally all required appliances are included so you can move right in.

  • High-speed wireless internet is provided at no extra charge.

  • Most located in downtown of Tokyo.

  • Recommended for those staying for a short period of time, want to have private time for hobbies etc.

  • JPY 28,000 per week.


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