Speaking Courses

Increase confidence in speaking Japanese.

Compare and choose between the options below!


1 ) Conversation Course

-Location: Tokyo, the big city with exciting new events and abundance of shops, cuisine, where the crowds gather.

-Age 16+

-Maximum 20 people in a class; make an international network with students from over 30 different countries!

-Tuition: 14,500 JPY/week.

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An example of what a class may be like (beginner level, Conversation Course)


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2 ) Practical Japanese Course

-Location: Choose between:
Tokyo (Age 18+), the big city with exciting new events and abundance of shops, cuisine, where the crowds gather.

Fukuoka (Age 14+), pronounced Hukuoka, has lower cost of living than Tokyo and is less crowded, while still having many things to do. Beautiful beaches nearby. It is a wonderful and peaceful place to study. This school in Fukuoka will allow you stay for 1 year or longer; and work part-time as well if you meet the requirements.

-Maximum 9 people in a class, meaning you get the best learning experience, making close connections with classmates.

-Covers overall Japanese (including all skills of reading, writing, listening, with a focus on speaking, with lots of practice!)

-Tuition: 32,500 JPY/week.


3 ) Japanese ‘Plus’ Conversation Course

The same as the 2) Practical Japanese Course above, with an extra 5 lessons a week!

-Locations: See Tokyo( age 18+) and Fukuoka( age 14+) explanations above.

-Talk without a textbook with the teacher and classmates after your usual lessons, to deepen your communication abilities, getting quality practice and learn more interesting aspects of conversation, such as slang, dialects, specialised vocabulary and more.

-Maximum 9 people in a class.

-Tuition: 5 extra lessons = Additional 10,000 JPY/week, on top of the standard Practical Japanese Course (total 42,500 JPY/week.)


4) Can’t make it to Japan just yet?

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