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There Are Many Different Speaking Courses.
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1. Conversation Course

Recommended for:

Improving Japanese conversation ability.


  • Age 16+
  • Basic level Japanese (JLPT N5 or quivalent) or more

An example of what a class may be like (beginner level, Conversation Course)

Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture

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2. Practical Japanese Course

Recommended for:

Learning communicative Japanese, in a fun environment!

  • Small class sizes (maximum 9), with lessons both inside and outside the classroom. Contents adapted to your needs.
  • Complete beginners accepted


3. Japanese Plus Conversation Course

Recommended for:

Learning communicative Japanese, on top of the interesting topics such as dialects!

  • The same as the Practical Japanese Course above, with an extra 5 lessons a week.
  • These extra lessons focus on some of the interesting aspects of conversational Japanese that it can be hard to cover in the other classes, such as slang, dialects, specialised vocabulary and more.

Locations: GenkiJACS Tokyo (Shinjuku) and Fukuoka (Hakata).

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