Learn Japanese Culture

Have you heard of Geishas? 

Also called Geiko, they practice ancient traditional Japanese culture, such as music, dancing, and tea ceremony games for guests enjoying tea and saké (Japanese alcohol).

They are not to be confused with performing in a romantic sense, but more as formal entertainment.

Maiko (舞子), are apprentice Geisha (芸者). Maiko are usually from 15-20, training for many years. Geisha are over the age of 21.

In recent years, they are very hard to find, with only about 1000 to 2000 practicing today.

You will find many tourists dressed up as them on the streets, with their symbolic look of their painted face and decorated hair.



At a language school in Kyoto, you can experience meeting a real-life geisha, and learning about the culture of Japan.

Students learning the traditional tea ceremony.

Students learning the traditional tea ceremony.



The schools will organise weekly or monthly events (depending on the course and school), so you can learn about the culture too, not just the language.