Graduate Employment Rate in Japan is 98%

Good news if you are considering studying in Japan:

This fiscal year, government data showed that 98% of graduates gained employment.

Source: Japan Times

Japanese universities make it a top priority to ensure their students gain employment after graduating.

The Job availability hit 1.60 in 2018, the highest level in more than 44 years. This means that there are 160 job openings for every 100 workers.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review


It is possible for you to get into university in Japan too.

Just studying 1.5 years at language school in Japan will give you:

-Language ability to learn university subjects in Japanese

-Experience living in Japan and learning about the culture

-Structured course to pass the relevant tests to get into university in Japan

-Academic and career advice to help you choose the right university that suits you

-Ability to work part-time (up to 28 hours a week) while studying, to help cover living expenses.

  • The tuition must be paid to the school before starting the course.

  • You will need a student visa, which we will guide in applying for.

  • Here are the average fees, to help you plan for your trip.

  • Scholarships are available for excellent students studying over 1 year.

-You must complete your application at least 6 months before wanting to start.

-Please inquire to help you choose the right language school to suit your specific needs.


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