Fees Summary

Here are average fees so that you can get an idea of how much living and studying in Japan, making memories that will last a life-time will be.


1) Average School Fees


These are very general costs; how much spending money you should bring depends largely on what you plan to do during your time here.

Handy conversion: 100 JPY = approx. 1 USD (just take 2 zeroes off).

2) Average Accommodation Fees

(Please note that the location is Tokyo; so other locations will be slightly less in cost.)

Discounts for Long-term Stays:


3) Average Living Costs

Not including accommodation; as it is mentioned above.

fees 2 photo.PNG

We would recommend to plan for the following: 
JPY ¥1,500 per day for food (lunch and dinner) and drinks
JPY ¥500 per day for transportation
Extra for activities/shopping, etc.

If you are looking to save on costs, the overall cost is about 10% less expensive in the countryside such as Nagano.