Fees summary

Here are average fees so that you can get an idea of how much living and studying in Japan, making memories that will last a life-time will be.


Average Fees for Language Schools

Duration Japanese yen US dollars
1 week 19,500 170
4 weeks 78,000 700
3 months 195,000 1740
6 months 375,000 3340
1 year 707,500 6300

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1 week typically includes 20 lessons of Japanese (4 hours a day with breaks in between lessons, Monday to Friday) with a qualified Japanese teacher. It is highly effective, meaning you will learn more in a week than in a month on and off in your home country.

These are very general prices. It ranges from 14,500 JPY/week to 42,500 JPY/week. Actual prices are on the course pages.

You may get a discount if you apply through us, as we can negotiate if enough people apply through us in a given period (depending on the school).

How much spending money you should bring depends largely on what you plan to do during your time here.



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Handy conversion: 100 JPY = approx. 1 USD (just take 2 zeroes off).

Summary: Minimum cost of living in Japan as a student (Accommodation, transport & food)

Japanese yen US dollars
1 month 60,000 JPY 540 USD

Want to study, but not sure on your course? We will find the one that suits your needs best.