Tokyo - Traditional Tea Ceremony Short Course

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Recommended For:

Those who are interested in making their own traditional tea and learning the practice.


  • Receive a tea ceremony set that you can take and make tea at home.

Distinctive Features:

  • The school has a tea ceremony room in their school building.


  • Medium; learn efficiently while enjoying the culture.

 Rehearsal of Bontemae.

Rehearsal of Bontemae.


  • Choose classes between conversational Japanese or academic Japaense.
  • Learn to make your own tea.
  • Learn about the traditional tea ceremony culture.
  • Learn to serve tea properly & eat Japanese sweets.
  • Perform the full practice in front of the teacher and she will give you feedback.

School Features:

  • Great student support; smaller school.
  • WiFi
  • Friendly students and teachers
  • Great range in age and nationalities.


Tea Ceremony Short Course:

18:30 - 19:20 
19:30 - 20:20
Mondays and Thursdays. Twice a week; 8 lessons/month.

Japanese Lessons:

Monday to Friday
Conversation Course 9:10 - 12:40 or
Intensive Course 13:30 - 17:00
20 lessons/week.


  • Can choose to do only the tea ceremony course and no Japanese lessons.

Total Costs:

Available Dates:

  • Beginning of May to Beginning of June 2018.
  • End of January to end of February 2019.


Am I still eligible for the course without understanding Japanese at all?

If you just take the Tea Ceremony Course, it is fine.
If you start the Japanese lessons also from May 7th, you should know basic level of Japanese. If you can start the Japanese lesson from April 2, 2018, it is no problem.
The tea Ceremony course is taught in Japanese, but we provide you with English help.

Not having experienced Tea Ceremony at all in my life, am I still eligible to join the course?

Yes, you will have no problem at all. You can learn about Tea Ceremony from the basics.

Can I participate in the course from the middle of the program?

No, you cannot. The program is designed to progress gradually, so no participation is allowed midway through the program.

Want to study this course?

Don't wait; limited spaces are available.