Insurance in Japan

Worried about insurance? Don't worry. By enrolling in National Health Insurance (which is compulsory for staying in Japan over 3 months), you only need to pay 30% of each medical bill (with a few exceptions).

It is compulsory to get National Health Insurance,

For people staying over 3 months in Japan on a visa and are not working full-time.

(For people staying for shorter periods, it is highly recommended to get overseas travel insurance before you arrive in Japan; to avoid unnecessary stress if you get into an accident). 

What you should know (For staying over 3 months)

The premiums (what you pay monthly) are determined by your income from the previous year in Japan, and area you live in, so don't worry, for students your premiums will generally be very low. (Approximately 1,500 Japanese Yen, equivalent to 14 USD a month).

It is required to enroll, if staying over 3 months, e.g. on a student visa or a working holiday visa.

If full-time employed, you will have a different type of health insurance.

What to do

For people staying over 3 months, you must enroll within 2 weeks of being eligible (arriving in Japan or changing address to a new city ward).

Therefore, it is highly recommended to enroll at the same time when get your foreigner's registration card.

The school should guide you during orientation, or by asking at the front desk. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to inquire.

You can pay your premiums for National Health Insurance (NHI) monthly at convenience stores around Japan (they are on every corner).

Make sure you bring your NHI card when going to medical appointments. This will allow you to get a 70% discount (i.e. only pay 30%, for most expenses).

If you do not, you will need to pay for your appointment in full and apply to get reimbursed, which takes a few months.

The Benefits

Why enroll?

1) You will only be required to pay 30% of your medical bills,

2) You will be charged higher premiums and pay back payments for the duration you did not pay, if you do not enroll. (You may be required to pay back years of insurance if you get caught avoiding it).

(Correct answer is all of the above).

Please note that the National Health Insurance plastic surgery, and accidents involving drunkenness.

It does cover high medical costs associated with medical surgery and hospitalization, general appointments, even birth allowances.

In summary

If you are staying over 3 months in Japan on a visa and are not employed full-time in Japan, you should enroll in National Health Insurance the same day you apply for your residence card (Zairyu Card).

(It is required by law to enroll for public health insurance).

If staying under 3 months, it is highly recommended to get overseas medical insurance before you arrive in Japan. 

For further information, please see Japan Health Info (a non-profit organization). 

All students who apply through us will be reminded to get insurance, so you can stay in Japan with peace of mind.

(If you are yet to apply to a course, please inquire now).

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