12 Reasons to study in Nagano


1) Nagano prefecture is very close to Tokyo and Kyoto (only 1.5 hours by bullet train (shinkansen) from Tokyo).

2) The cost of living is less, along with school fees.

Nagano map.PNG

3) Locals are less fast-paced, and so are friendlier to talk to and practice your Japanese. In Tokyo and other big cities, it is very easy to get in the trap of using English everywhere, due to the tourist signs and many English speakers.


4) In Ueda city, Nagano prefecture, there is a language school which is also a vocational college, where Japanese students study in the same building. You will learn all 4 skills reading, writing, listening and speaking Japanese, and also have plenty of opportunities to interact with them in the common area. This is one of the best ways to really learn the language: Practicing, with native speakers!


5) There is quality teaching with feedback from students that this is one of the best places for serious students to focus on studying, preparing for the JLPT towards full-time employment, or entering university or vocational college in Japan.

6) The school will support you in finding a part-time job during your Japanese language studies, or even find full-time employment after graduating.


7) The language school has a brand new dormitory open, which is only a 5 minute walking distance from the school!

8) There are temples and onsen (hot springs) everywhere. Study in a peaceful and calm environment.

9) It was host of the Winter Olympics in 1988, and is a popular resort destination for Japanese people and well-read foreigners.

10) Even though there are less crowds, Nagano is very built up with many shops, and Japan does not disappoint with very reliable transport!

Ueda Station in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture.

Ueda Station in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture.

11) With pristine scenery changing drastically each season, you will never be bored. Ski on the snowy mountains in Winter, or go hiking in other seasons with the changing foliage.

12) Fun fact: In Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture, there is a wasabi farm where you can buy the real plant, unlike the artificial paste you get at the supermarkets. Wasabi is a very delicate plant that cannot grow in direct sunlight or high temperatures. You can even buy products like wasabi soba noodles, wasabi curry, wasabi beer, wasabi ice cream and wasabi chocolate!