Osaka is famous for it's friendly and outgoing people, and amazing street food!

You will never be bored studying in this fun-loving city.


General Course in Osaka

By ARC Academy

  • Focus on communication ability

  • Classes on pronunciation

  • Study at your own pace; optional additional classes.

  • Optional fun activities organised


Kansai Course

  • Study towards your specific goals; whether it be higher education in Japan, passing the JLPT or employment.
  • Receive a Technical associates degree in just 2 years of study; allowing you to transfer to 3rd year in university (the 3rd year transfer is only for majors to do with the Japanese language; e.g. Japanese literature). This means you will be able to graduate with a 4 year degree afterwards and be eligible for a work visa to stay in Japan.
  • Be eligible for student discounts on public transport and free entry to cultural places.