Osaka - Kansai College

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

Recommended For:

  • Students wanting to study seriously towards higher education in Japan.


  • Receive a Technical Associate Degree (authorized by the Ministry of Education, Japan) after 2 years of study.
    • This allows you to transfer to 3rd year in university to graduate with a 4-year degree (a 4-year degree is needed to get a work visa in Japan).
  • Many electives to help you learn about the culture and expand your knowledge.


  • Completed 12 years of education (high school graduate or equivalent)
  • The minimum course duration is 1 year.

Distinctive Features:

  • This is a vocational college; allowing you to receive discounts such as:
    • Commuter pass; saving you almost 50% on public transport costs.
    • Free admission to cultural events, museums and parks.
  • The college has a mixture of international and Japanese students; allowing you to build a wide network and make great friends to create great memories and practice using the language.


  • Medium-High; study hard while still having time to enjoy.

Streets of Osaka; famous for amazing food.

Streets of Osaka; famous for amazing food.


  • Focusing on the 4 fundamental skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Great support for your chosen career path; students end up in universities, graduate school, college, vocational college, working in Japan and overseas.
  • Lessons for the JLPT and EJU.

School Features:

  • Great student support and career advice catered to the student.
  • Part-time job-hunting support
  • Scholarship offered by the school
    • Based on results of the JLPT N1 or N2 and attendance
    • 5 to 10 long term students at the school are awarded
    • 20,000 to 70,000 yen given at once by the school.
  • Library of information about universities and graduate schools.
  • Library of books and manga.
  • Internet and computers for students to use.
  • Strong connections with universities and vocational colleges.
    • Students are able to enter respected schools such as Ritsumeikan University based on the school's recommendation.


Morning Classes 9:00 - 11:50


Afternoon Classes 12:50 to 14:40

Students attend both morning and afternoon classes.

25 class hours per week.

Optional Classes:

  • JLPT
  • EJU
  • Japanese Culture (Community based and Japanese affairs)
  • Composition, PC training and English (TOEFL; needed to enter some higher education institutions).

Total Costs:

Enrollment fee: 60,000 JPY (paid for the school)

  • 1 year (April Enrollment)
    • Total: 705,000 JPY
  • 1.5 years (October Enrollment)
    • Total: 1,058,500 JPY
  • 2 years (April Enrollment)
    • Total: 1,410,000 JPY

Total fee includes tuition, activity, social fees, insurance.

Starting Dates:

  • Regular starting terms are January, April, July, October.
    • You must apply 6 months before for long-term courses; due to student visa immigration processes. We can assist you with this.

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