Sapporo - Hokkaido


A friendly city that has the greatest snowfall in Japan.

Known to have the best powder (snow) for snowboarding and skiing.

Great for those who don't enjoy hot humid summers found in other cities in Japan!


Practical Japanese Course

By Hokkaido Japanese Language School

  • Learn practical Japanese to help you communicate
  • Do fun activities after school
  • Study in a friendly and at-home environment in the cool Sapporo.

Language Course for Travelling in Japan

  • Learn how to travel stress-free in Japan
  • Basic phrases and conversational ability
  • Perfect for first-time comers or even veterans

Study & Fashion Culture Course

By Hokkaido Japanese and Culture School

  • Same core lessons as the first course above
  • Learn practical Japanese and about make-up, nails and fashion in Japan

JLPT Intensive Preparation Course (N3 or N2)

  • Study intensively for 4 weeks
  • Prepare to do your best for the JLPT! (N3 or N2)
  • Take breaks doing fun activities around Sapporo!