Sapporo - Practical Japanese Course
(Japanese Plus Culture)



Enhanced support system

Learn about different cultures from all over the world through new friends; not just Japan's.

Great distribution in all ages (in other schools the average age is 22).

 (At this school, 9% are 14-19, 48% are in their 20s, 31% are in their 30s, 7% are in their 40s, 5% are in their 50s, 60+ more people are welcome). You will get along happily and find like minded people no matter what your age.

Efficient oral practice

Music, interviews, reports, cartoons are used on top of textbooks to enhance oral skills.

Friendly and homely atmosphere.

Students can make friends with local Japanese.


Recommended for:

People who prefer a cooler climate in the Summer/ or the Wintery paradise; and are wanting to improve their oral communication skills.

Famous for the freshest seafood of Japan and amazing snow festival.


Lessons are taken both inside and outside the classroom; to practice your Japanese in real-life situations.

Strong focus on being able to use your Japanese.

Many fun optional cultural activities for you to join.

Affordable price at 23,500 JPY a week. (15 lessons a week).

(Get 10% off tuition if you study 5 weeks or longer).



Classes are well-paced, meaning you will learn plenty in a short period of time, but you will also have enough time to study & enjoy Japan.



Jals timetable.PNG



Tuition: 23,500 JPY a week

(10% off tuition if studying 5 weeks or longer).

Registration: 21,000 JPY

Textbook: 4,000 JPY

1 optional culture lesson (2 x 50 min) is 5,400 JPY.

Learn Japanese in Japan!

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