Tokyo - Focused Academic Intensive
(Top University in Japan Pathway)

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The Japanese highly value famous universities.
The name of your university counts when job-hunting.

Pursue your academic goals towards a top Japanese university.

Recommended For:

Those serious about studying Japanese, and want to strive towards going to a well-regarded university in Japan.


  • Note: Students must pass an entrance exam that is held every 3 months in order to enrol in this course.
  • Minimum age is 16.
  • Must have graduated from high school and be 18 years old or older when you graduate from the language school.
  • Note: Students must have completed 12 years of elementary and secondary education before applying to university. You may do 1 or 2 years of this preparatory course to qualify. Therefore, you must have 10 or 11 years of elementary/secondary education in your home country to apply to this course.
  • You must also have motivation to study and have financial support for the duration of your stay.

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  • Study surrounded by motivated people with similar goals.
  • Flexible curriculum adjustable to your specific needs.
  • Academic Career Guidance:
    • Get all the necessary information about universities in Japan.
    • Get individual career counselling on a regular basis.
    • Based on your individual career needs; mock tests, interview practice and guidance on writing the purpose of studying when applying for universities will be provided.

Distinctive Features:

This course helps you develop your skills and gives you specific advice about applying to top universities in Japan. It will increase your chances of acceptance by immeasurable amounts.



Expect a lot of study; 2-3 hours of homework. It will all be worth it in the when you become accepted into your dream university!


    ISI Language School at Takadanobaba (Tokyo), a student district near many universities.


    School Features:

    • Over 40 years of experience.
    • Winner of the 2017 World Language School Award.
    • PC room, Cultural study room, Library, Self-study room, IT class rooms, Auditorium, Vending machines, Water coolers and Wi-Fi available.

    • Use of technology to enhance learning


    8:50 - 12:20

    4 x 45minute lessons per day

    Monday - Friday

    20 lessons per week

    Your Japanese will improve immensely.

    Course Contents:

    • Learn speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.
    • Get taught necessary skills to pass the university entrance exams.
    • To increase your chance of acceptance, preparations for the EJU, JLPT, essays and interview coaching will be done.
    • Learn how to do presentations in Japanese.
    • Learn about Japanese customs and the culture, so you will not be confused at your university after being accepted.

    Past Results:

    The average from students after going to the language school is 63 points over the national average, in June 2017.


    (Total fees include admission fee to the school, tuition, material and facility fees).

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    Start Planning Today

    • Regular starting terms are January, April, July, October.
      • You must apply 6 months before for long-term courses; due to student visa immigration processes. We can assist you with this.

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