Fukuoka - Teen Program


Recommended For:

14-19 year olds wanting to experience Summer in Japan while learning about the culture in a fun and easy way.

You will study 20 lessons of Japanese per week, and then take 3 "experience" classes every Saturday. Classes include tea ceremony, pottery, manga drawing, cosplay and more!


  • Age 14 to 19 years old
  • No previous Japanese knowledge required

Sample Junior Course Activities

1st week

Otaku (nerd) map tour of Fukuoka

Visit all the "nerd/geek" hotspots in Fukuoka, such as anime/manga shops, game centers, cosplay shops and much more!


Learn about the difference between them, and visit the beautiful Tochoji Temple and Kushida Shrine.

Cosplay lesson

Learn about the history and art of dressing up as your favorite characters, and even try it yourself!

2nd week

Flower arranging

Learn the formal rules of ikebana, and create your own masterpiece.


Beautiful Japanese writing is an art and a skill, and you'll learn both.

Tea ceremony

Get in touch with your inner peace while also learning how to wear a traditional kimono or yukata.

3rd week

Manga drawing

A professional manga teacher will teach you the basics of character design and layout, and you'll draw your own 4-panel manga!

Fake plastic food display samples

Learn about the industry behind Japanese display food samples, and try your hand at making your own.

Maid cafe

Visit a cafe where the staff are mini-celebrities dressed as French maids, in this Japanese cultural phenomenon that is sweeping the world.


4th week

Zazen meditation

A real monk will teach you the skill of sitting meditation, and if you're lucky may also hit you with a bamboo stick (less intense than it sounds, we promise!)

Kyara-ben (character bento)

Practice making Japanese-style packed lunches with a twist - your lunch is also an artwork of your favorite manga/anime/game character!


A highly trained teacher will give you an introductory lesson in Japanese toujutsuswordfighting techniques using real wooden katana swords. Try not to hurt yourself!

5th week

Neko cafe

Visit a cat cafe, where you can play with felines while you enjoy your drinks. Don't take any home!

Art gallery

Learn about traditional Japanese art techniques throughout the ages.

Japanese garden

Visit a traditional Japanese garden, and learn about Japan's relationship with nature.

Other possible course activities include: Hakata Doll painting, Taiko drum lessons, visit to the Disaster Prevention Center, making traditional Japanese cord art, and much much more!

There is also a variety of free activities available on days when you'll have a bit of free time: a weekly city tour, Japanese movie night, Friday party, visits to Japanese high schools, and more. You'll never be bored on this program! 

Distinctive Features:

  • Japanese classes focus on communication skills, and Japanese for daily life.
  • Classes have a maximum of 8 students each.
  • Specific activities change depending on the season and availability.
  • Classes and activities may be shared with adult students, but will always be supervised by school staff


Additional Services

  • Airport pickup
  • 24-hour emergency contact available
  • Personal alarm, pocket wifi rentals available
  • Courses for junior groups available year-round!

Address & Map:


1-16-23, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi 812-0013, Japan

Total Costs (School and Living):

Sample package prices


Japanese Plus Activities course

2 weeks¥106,500

Additional week¥42,500


Homestay option

2 weeks¥47,900

Additional week¥19,200

Dormitory option

2 weeks¥43,500

Additional week¥17,000

Dates Offered

  • Classes start every Monday from the first Monday in June to the last Monday in August.
  • Course must finish by the end of August.
  • Complete beginner students can start on the following dates: 
    First and third Monday in June, July and August
  • Junior students can study at other times of year, but will have to join adult courses

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Accommodation (optional)

Students can choose to stay in a host family, or supervised dormitory.
Breakfast and dinner included.

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