Study Japanese in Niigata

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Distinctive Features


Learn overall Japanese (all 4 skills reading, writing, listening and speaking).

20 lessons of Japanese per week, Monday to Friday (4 hours a day with breaks).

Optional electives after you reach intermediate level, helping to get into university, vocational college or finding a job in Japan.

Opportunities to exchange with Japanese people and various events so that students can learn practical Japanese.


Has a group of 27 colleges where students can proceed onto professions they desire.


Dormitories provided by the school.


Features: Free Wi-fi, student lounge, computer stations, English-speaking staff available and part-time job finding support.

All classes are conducted in Japanese. This 'direct' teaching method allows you to start thinking in Japanese, meaning you will learn at a much faster pace.


Optional Classes

-School festivals and fairs throughout the year.

Career Guidance: One-on-one interview practice & career counselling service is provided.



4 weeks 12 weeks 24 weeks October Entrance, 1.5-year Course April Entrance, 2-year Course
Selection + Entrance 45,000 JPY 45,000 JPY 45,000 JPY 80,000 JPY 80,000 JPY
Tuition 55,000 JPY 165,000 JPY 330,000 JPY First year: 580,000 JPY. Second year: 290,000 JPY First year: 580,000 JPY. Second year: 580,000 JPY
Textbooks + Materials 15,000 JPY 25,000 JPY 40,000 JPY 85,000 JPY First year: 55,000 JPY. Second year: 50,000 JPY
Total 115,000 JPY 235,000 JPY 415,000 JPY First year: 745,000 JPY. Second year: 290,000 JPY First year: 715,000 JPY. Second year: 630,000 JPY

Starting Dates:

Can join any week if you are higher than beginner level, and meet certain visa requirements. Please inquire for individual guidance.

  • Most schools have main intakes in January, April, July or October each year.

  • However this school showcased in Niigata only has an intake in April or October. Please inquire for other options, or see similar courses in Kyoto or Tokyo with intake 4 times a year for long-term courses.

    • You must apply 6 months before for long-term courses; due to student visa immigration processes. We can guide you through this.

    • For getting into vocational college from beginner Japanese level, a 2 year course starting April is highly recommended, to graduate in March and enter the vocational school in April, which most schools have their intake.

    • Please inquire for personal guidance on starting terms, durations and requirements, as it depends on the individual.

    • Minimum requirement for student visa: 1,500,000 JPY savings available in a bank statement. This is required to prove to the school and immigration that funds are available to pay for tuition, accommodation and living expenses for a year. The tuition(first year) and accommodation(monthly) should be paid to the school, once the school gives confirmation of entrance.


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