yokohama japanese language school

Study Japanese in Yokohama

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Distinctive Features


Learn overall Japanese (all 4 skills reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Also be able to participate in ‘open classes’, where you can attend classes on: Design , Manga, Fashion.

You can choose classes from the entire school, even those outside your specialty. You can also improve your conversation skills naturally through these open classes by studying with Japanese students.

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Has Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT) preparation included in the general class, and has optional Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) preparation, and cultural activities throughout each term.


Has Japanese students in the same building.

Get more chances to interact with native speakers, to double the effectiveness of attending language school.


Cost of living is lower than Tokyo, with it being less crowded.

It is a great place to live, without being too removed from the business center.

-> Features

English speaking staff to help in case of anything, to have you worry-free.

If you move onto the school's manga, fashion or design courses, you can receive 250,000 yen as a scholarship.


Classes are divided for students who have a kanji (Chinese character) background or not, so you can study at your own pace without a disadvantage!



This school accepts complete beginners!

It is recommended to learn the basics before arriving, of course :) Free resources can be provided if asked.

The school can introduce you part-time jobs if you are allowed to work.

Optional Classes

-School festivals and fairs throughout the year.

Career Guidance: One-on-one interview practice, teaching business Japanese & career counselling service is provided.



You will be placed in the appropriate level, after a placement test on the first day of language school in Japan.

Complete beginners are also accepted.


-> Class Times

Class time will depend on the Japanese level, so students will not be able to choose between morning and afternoon classes.

Morning classes 9:00~12:30


Afternoon classes 13:10~16:40


1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
Selection + Entrance - - - 95,000 JPY
Tuition - - - 600,000 JPY
Materials Fee (Per term) - - - 38,000 JPY
Facility Fee - - - 25,000 JPY
Total 49,000 JPY 147,000JPY 485,000 JPY 785,000JPY


Are flights included?

Flights are not included, as courses are flexible and students prefer to make their own travel arrangements. Assistance can be provided if required.

What about accommodation?

You can choose to add this or not. The schools provide accommodation for you, such as in a host family’s home, share house, school dormitory or private apartment.  We can also help with looking for other accommodation.

Average fee for school accommodation is 44,750 JPY/month. Accommodation will be decided after applying to the school.

Application process:

Choose course -> Apply -> Choose accommodation -> Receive confirmation and pay school -> Prepare for Japan!

Starting Dates:

If a complete beginner, this course is only available to start in April, October. Minimum 2 week course. Please inquire for other start dates.

You can join any start of the week, if you are higher than beginner level, and meet certain visa requirements. Please inquire for individual guidance.

  • To study longer than 6 months on a student visa, this school showcased only has major start dates in April or October. Please inquire for other options, or see similar courses in Kyoto or Tokyo with intakes 4 times a year (Jan, April, July or October).

    • You must apply at least 5 months before the major start date to study 6 months or longer; due to student visa immigration processes. We can guide you through this.

    • Please inquire for personal guidance on starting terms, durations and requirements, as it depends on the individual.

    • Minimum requirement for student visa: 1,500,000 JPY savings available in a bank statement. This is required to prove to the school and immigration that funds are available to pay for tuition, accommodation and living expenses for a year.


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