Samurai Town

Have you heard of Samurai? Samurai (侍)、the Japanese warrior, used to follow a code known as bushido, which translates to English as “the way of the warrior.” 


Unlike an army, at the highest rate they were about 10% of the population, a whole social class unto themselves.

Aizu-Wakamatsu (会津若松)、is a city famous for it's samurai tradition.

The town was the battleground of the Boshin War in 1868.


To learn more and learn the art of the Samurai, you can go to Nisshinkan Samurai School.

200 years ago, it would teach 10 year old children from Aizu families martial arts and discipline.

Now, you can experience zazen (seated meditation), traditional tea ceremony, and archery, immersing yourself in the Japanese culture.


You can also learn Kendo (a Japanese martial art that uses bamboo swords and protective armour), which is a fundamental skill that samurai learnt.

It is a life-long study, enriched in traditional Japanese culture, such as manners, respect and discipline.