Rachel And Jun

Getting to meet and spend time with Rachel and Jun, one of the biggest YouTubers covering Japan (with over 2.48 million subscribers) is not an easy thing to do. However, we made it possible for students of Take Me to Japan! During our Special Fukuoka Course in August 2019, we arranged a date for students studying at one of our partner schools to meet up with Rachel and Jun.

Activities With Rachel And Jun

Together we discovered how to make konpeito, which is a special candy that is famous in Japan. After enjoying our own peach flavoured candy (the flavour Rachel and the majority voted for), we made our way to a teishoku lunch place with a massive table in a closed-off room, to enjoy long conversations and delicious food.

The course was held during one of the most popular festivals in Fukuoka, the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival, so excited students took many photos in front of the amazing sculpture in front of Hakata station.

It was surely a day to remember.

I’m pleased to say that our latest partner school, Akita Inaka School is the ONLY Japanese language school located in the countryside (inaka). Students who attended the Summer course there provided us with glowing feedback. The coming seasons, Autumn and Winter will be very exciting and even more beautiful. You can see the amazing photos on their Instagram: