Japan's shifting Population


Japan's population is shifting, with the aging population and huge demand for workers, people from other countries are shaping Japan.

The Government reported that foreigners who have residential credentials, not including tourists/short stays, totaled 748,000 in their 20's. That's 5.8% of the total.

A city in Gunma Prefecture has 18% of residents from overseas.

There is a huge demand for foreign workers, with plans to make a new visa for unskilled labour April 2019, for 5 sectors including agriculture, construction and nursing care. 

The goal is to take in 500,000 people by 2025.

In September 2018, there will be an exam held for foreign workers, testing skills such as Japanese ability, workplace communication, social etiquette, garbage disposal rules (Japan is big on recycling), how to handle phone calls and common business practices.

It is important to learn the language so as not to become isolated, integrating into the culture and be part of the friendly community, one of the reasons that Japan is so special.