Vocational Schools/Colleges in Japan

There are many schools that you can go to after language school.


Tokyo Designer Gakuin College

Tokyo School of Anime

Toho Gakuen

Tokyo Net wave
(Adachi Group)

TOKYO DESIGN TECHNOLOGY CENTER (Takadanobaba/Shinjuku Campus)

Tokyo Communication Art (TCA)

Tokyo Communication Art (TCA ECO)

Tokyo Communication Art (TSM, TSM Shibuya)

Tokyo Communication Art (DA Tokyo, TSM)

Tokyo Communication Art (FC)

Tokyo Communication Art (Tokyo Anime)

Tokyo Mode Gakuen

Mf & Ac (Mejiro Fashion & art college)

Tokyo Visual Arts College
(Adachi Group)

Tokyo School of Business
(Adachi Group)

Tokyo Instotute of Tourist College
(Adachi Group)

HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design
(学校法人 日本教育財団 Tokyo mode/ 首都医校)

Human Academy

Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College
Tokyo Bridal College

JTB Travel & Hotel College

Hattori Nutrition College

Tokyo Sweets & Cafe Career College

Tokyo Chouri Seika Senmongakkou (Shokuryou Gakuin)

Tokyo Eiyou Shokuryou Senmongakkou (shokuryou Gakuin)

Belle Epoque

Tokyo Seika Gakuin

Kokusai Dual Business School (国際デュアルビジネス専門学校)





From 335,000 JPY/year - 1,414,000 JPY/year.



General Admission Requirements:

JLPT N2 (The second highest level of the Japanese Language Proficieny Test, equivalent to business level Japanese) is needed for the majority of schools. Those that do not require it require a written exam at a similar level.
It is possible to achieve this level of Japanese in just 1 year at a high intensity course, or 2 years at medium-high intensity (where you can enjoy cultural activities, study and work part-time in Japan).