Nagano: Enjoy Nature & Study Japanese.

You may choose between:

Standard Beginner's Course, or Intensive Courses.


1) Standard Beginner's Academic Course



  • A well-balanced curriculum of speaking, writing, listening and reading Japanese. 
  • Reduced costs than other courses in Tokyo and Kyoto, as it is the countryside.
  • Total beginners can enrol; however, learning Hiragana first is highly recommended.
  • This school has a great relationship with the local people in Nagano, so you are able to get a part-time job, without even needing to speak Japanese. All you require is a student visa. Enquire now

Once you reach JLPT N3 (intermediate level Japanese), you may advance to the intensive courses below.

If you have never learnt Japanese before, we have a course for total beginners in Tokyo, and Kyoto.


Free Wi-fi, student lounge, computer stations and English-speaking staff.

Intensity Level: 


Recommended for those who want to improve their Japanese in a short period, with a fast study pace.


(Fee includes registration for the school, text book and course tuition).

See accommodation

2) Intensive Courses

For those who want to study towards University / Graduate School / College / Passing N1 or N2 JLPT.

It is all possible in Japan.

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