Tokyo / Nagano - Job Finding Class

  • This school accepts total beginner students. You will be placed in the correct class after a level-check test on the first day (for all courses).

  • Core classes of reading, writing, speaking & listening Japanese.

  • Intermediate and advanced levels involve core classes, plus this job-finding class if you choose this elective. You can change your elective class mid-term so you are not limited in options. (No extra charge).


  • Learn business Japanese

  • Learn proper business manners, unique to Japan

  • Resume and entry sheet correction

  • Corporate tours

  • Job interview skills practice

  • Helps prepare for the JLPT N1 and N2

  • For extra-curricular activities, you will have the opportunity to attend:

    • Career fairs for foreign students

    • On-campus orientation sessions held by Japanese companies wishing to hire foreign students.

      • Be able to talk to the people in charge of human resources and schedule an interview with them.

Course Contents:

  • Essential for people intending to find work in Japan, you will learn:

    • Business Japanese

    • 'Honorific' form of the language

    • Communication Ability

    • International Understanding

    • Tips and advice on how to get a job in Japan

    • Presentation Skills

    • Analysis of One's Strengths

  • Gain an understanding of Japanese affairs, business manners and the ability to adapt to Japanese society.

  • Immediately start analyzing different companies, by subscribing to job-hunting websites.

  • During business visits, have to opportunity to talk to other foreigners already working with Japanese people.

Career Guidance

  • One-on-one interview practice

  • Career counselling service is provided

Admission Criteria

Those eligible to apply for a work visa in Japan (Associate and Bachelor Degree holders).

  • You must also have motivation to study and have financial support for the duration of your stay.

  • You must have a valid visa or Japanese passport to work in Japan.

  • For a student visa, the minimum duration is 6 months or more. See requirements.


  • Free Wi-fi, student lounge, computer stations, English-speaking staff available and part-time job finding support.

  • All classes are conducted in Japanese. This 'direct' teaching method allows you to start thinking in Japanese, meaning you will learn at a much faster pace.

  • Scholarships available to those on a student visa with excellent grades and attendance, who are studying for over one year. (Maximum study duration is 2 years on a student visa. You most likely need a student visa if you would like to study for over 3 months. Contact us and we will walk you through the process).


Choose between Tokyo and Nagano.

Tokyo: There is always something going on. Great for people who love manga and anime,  and for enjoying the many events that take place all the time. The hub for business and opportunities.

Nagano: A smaller city, with beautiful mountains that you can ski and snowboard in the Winter, or trek in the Summer. Great for nature lovers. Much less crowded than the big cities.

*For Nagano campus, you must be 18 years old when you enrol and with at least 12 years of educational background or equivalent.


(Total fees include admission, tuition, material and facility fees. You pay the same price direct to the school.)

Prices above applicable up to March 31, 2019.