Accommodation - Kyoto

Option 1) School organises accommodation

Pros: Simpler & no hassles.

Cons: Placement fee, cannot choose exact location.

Option 2) Organise accommodation yourself

Pros: Choose the exact location & no placement fee.

Cons: May be more expensive rates and takes time.

We can also help you find accommodation; just ask!

Please see below for the school's options:

Student House | Homestay




Homestay/Host Family

homestay kyoto isi3.PNG
  • High cost

  • Stay up to 12 weeks

  • Rules may apply

  • Meals provided

  • High amount of support; get treated as a member of the family.

  • Single rooms

  • 40mins to 1 hr public transport to school

  • Recommended for those who want to practice their Japanese, enjoy home-cooked Japanese food and learn the culture first-hand. Students under 18 should choose homestay.

  • 1 month fee: 165,100 JPY

  • (Includes placement fee, breakfast & dinner).


Student House

  • Reasonable rates

  • Special rates for 3 months or more (see above)

  • Live with resident staff.

  • Meals not provided; shared kitchen.

  • Shared bathroom

  • Make friends with students and Japanese people in your share house

  • Single, double or triple bed rooms

  • Distance from 20 mins on foot to 40 mins on train.

  • Recommended for those who want to make friends and learn about different cultures.


You do not need to decide on accommodation yet; simply if your would like the school to organise it or not.

School organises = Placement fee applies but simpler.

Organise Yourself = More time but you get to decide everything.

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