About Take Me to Japan

Our Mission Is To Share the Wonder of Japan With You.

We love everything to do with Japan.

The amazing and fascinating products & culture. The perfection of their craftsmanship. The outstanding service. The sensational fresh food. The best place to ski & snowboard in the world. The kind & generous people... (The list goes on!)

When the founder of Take Me to Japan was coming, he had to do it the hard way: Spending countless hours researching all over the web.

He found an amazing school in Japan, and made many friends that he still catches up with from time to time, to this day!

He was a bit annoyed, as the process to come was difficult & time consuming.

Now, he wants to help people like you discover Japan, too: But faster, simpler & easier.

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Our Services Are Free.

You don't pay any extra for our services, so there is no reason not to use us.

We provide:

  • Information All In One Place.

We save you time & money from countless hours of research.

  • Assistance With the Paperwork

The process of student visas to Japan can be confusing and difficult.

We can help you through this.

  • Insider Tips on What Japan Has to Offer

We give you interesting updates and things you can do in Japan, so you will have a great experience.

  • Connection to Jobs

We have opportunities to help you connect you to jobs in Japan, although you should be able to support yourself without one during your studies.

  • Information on Accommodation

We can give you information on what kind of accommodation is available to you.

  • Support 7 Days a Week For Any Queries

After reading our FAQ, simply email us at info@takemetojapan.com or talk to us through our website chat below, as soon as you have a question.


Our Values:

Creating Value for You

We want to create value for you and build a thriving community, so everyone can benefit. Think win-win.

Excellent Service

Japanese pride themselves in the excellent service they provide to their honorary customers (you). We think the same, and strive to give you the best.

Relationships With People

Our relationship with our students is incredibly important, as without you, we are nothing. So thank you for being here; we appreciate you!



We make it fast, simple & easy.