About Take Me to Japan

Sasuga Japan株式会社・Sasuga Japan Co., Ltd.


Our Mission Is To Share the Wonder of Japan With You.

We (Sayaka, Rika and Dom) love everything to do with Japan.

The perfection of their craftsmanship. The outstanding service. The fresh food. The amazing innovation & culture.  The best place to ski & snowboard in the world. The kind & generous people... (The list goes on!)

Usually, you must spend countless hours researching all over the web.

We want to give people the best experience studying in Japan possible.

We help let you discover Japan; much faster, simpler and easier.


What we do differently

  • We offer access to all schools, not only those that are listed.
  • We use independent reviews from students to recommend you schools.
  • We visit as many schools as we can, to ensure they are of high quality; while interviewing students.

Our services are free.

In fact, you may even get a discount if you apply through us, as we can negotiate with schools if enough people apply in a given period, depending on the school.

We provide:

  • Advise on choosing your course, accommodation, and more

We are confident that we will find the right course for you!

  • Information all in one place

We save you time & money from countless hours of research.

  • Assistance with the paperwork

The process of student visas to Japan can be confusing and difficult.

We can help you through this.

  • Insider tips on what Japan has to offer

We give you interesting updates and things you can do in Japan, so you will have a great experience.

  • Information on accommodation

We can help you choose the right accommodation for you.

  • Support 7 Days a week for any queries

After reading our FAQ, simply send an inquiry.

We are more than happy to help!


We make it faster, simpler & easier for you to get to Japan.

Whether you wish to experience the culture, study towards university or college in Japan, pass proficiency tests,
learn communication skills for international business, want to live here in the future or simply want a memorable trip overseas, there are courses that will help you achieve your goals.

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