See Below for Common Visas to Live and Study in Japan.

Visa Exemption | Working Holiday Visa | Student Visa | Tourist Visa


If your country of citizenship is any of the following:

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Bahamas, Hungary, Barbados([Note7]), Iceland, Chile, Ireland ([Note8]), Costa Rica, Italy, Dominican Republic, Latvia, El Salvador, Liechtenstein([Note8]), Guatemala, Lithuania, Honduras, Luxembourg, Mexico([Note8]), Malta, Surinam, Monaco, Uruguay, Mauritius, Sweden, Tunisia, Hong Kong([Note4]), Czech Republic, Macao([Note5]), Denmark, Taiwan([Note6]), Estonia, Finland, Canada, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, United States, France, Germany([Note8]), Argentina, Greece, Turkey([Note7]), Serbia, United Arab Emirates([Note9]), Slovakia, Slovenia, Lesotho([Note7]), Spain, Switzerland([Note8]), United Kingdom([Note8]), Brunei (15 days), Andorra, Indonesia ([Note1], Austria([Note8]), Malaysia ([Note2]), Belgium, Republic of Korea, Bulgaria, Singapore, Croatia, Thailand ([Note3])(15 days), Cyprus, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Israel, San Marino


You are able to get a visa exemption, meaning:

  • You can automatically stay in Japan for usually up to 90 days, with your passport (please check any notes next to your country for details).
  • You cannot work part-time while staying in Japan on a visa exemption.
  • Please ensure you always have your passport with you while in Japan (it is used as ID).
  • You can choose to study first on your visa exemption, then switch to a student visa in Japan. Studying a practical Japanese plus culture course (to first learn Japanese you can use day to day, and enjoy learning about the culture) is highly recommended for the first few weeks. Then, you can choose to convert to a student visa and study an intensive course towards studying in higher education, passing the JLPT or finding a full-time job in Japan, while working part-time to help cover living expenses.

If your country of citizenship is any of the following:

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    Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain or Argentina. 

    You may be able to get a Working Holiday Visa, meaning:

    • You can stay in Japan for up to a year on this visa.
    • You can work however long and study in different schools throughout Japan.
    • This visa is NOT for people wanting to mainly work or mainly study. 
    • You can enjoy your life in Japan, while studying Japanese and working to cover living expenses.

    If your country is not listed on any of the above; then you will need to apply for a tourist visa for less than 3 months, and a student visa for more than 6 months.

    • Please note that you cannot work part-time or volunteer while on a tourist visa.

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