Kyoto Institute of Culture & Language

 Fushimi-inari shrine

Fushimi-inari shrine

Recommended For:

  • Serious students wanting to study towards higher education or pass the JLPT.

(The JLPT is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test; the most widely recognised test where it is recommended to get at least N2 level to get a full-time job in Japan or a Japan-related job working in your home country).


  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have completed 12 years of education
  • Minimum enrollment duration is 6 months.
    • The course is 2 years to fully graduate.


  • Great support for the EJU; examination required for international students to enter university in Japan.
  • Get to see the traditional culture of Japan while living in Kyoto.
  • 1 in 10 people living in Kyoto is a student; build an international network of friends!

Distinctive Features:

  • Connected with a university; so you get to interact with Japanese students and practice your language in the common cafeteria.


  • High; most of your time will be spent studying. It will all be worth it once you pass with flying colours.



  • Learn sentence patterns and expressions, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation and conversation.
  • Classes designed for the JLPT and EJU; previous students have achieved great results.
  • Seminar classes to help you develop presentation skills.
  • More kanji and elective lessons on intermediate level and above:
    • Learn the culture such as food, clothing & life-style.
    • Visits to temples, shrines, traditional wooden homes called machiya.

School Features:

  • Culture day is held every semester; involving
    • An actual tea ceremony, dancing, Japanese sweets (wagashi), weaving and pottery.
  • Many exchange events; such as
    • Sports meetings with Japanese students and lunch-time cooking events.
  • Be able to participate in club activities and circles
    • Observe different clubs and see what suits you best
    • Make Japanese friends and make great friendships
    • Clubs ranging from badminton to art.
  • Part-time job-hunting support
  • WiFi
  • Summer camp for students
  • Be eligible for a commuter ticket; saving on public transport fees
  • Receive a Pass for Study Abroad Students, allowing you to enter cultural events for free.


Morning Class: 9:00 to 12:30


Afternoon Class

13:30 to 15:10

25 hours a week.

Students attend both morning and afternoon class; to study well and achieve great scores and study Japanese well. It is high intensity, so be prepared!

Optional Classes:

  • Culture, current events, art & design classes conducted in Japanese.

Total Costs:

 Information from KICL, 2018.

Information from KICL, 2018.

The initial application through us is free.

Starting Dates:

  • For 6 months+ course: Regular starting terms are April & October.
    • You must apply generally 6 months before for long-term courses; due to student visa immigration processes. We can assist you with this.

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