Take Me to Japan: Akita!

(with internationallyME)

Japanese Countryside Language Experience


Immerse yourself in the language and culture in the countryside of Japan, the best place to experience the ‘real Japan!’

In Odate of Akita prefecture, Northern Japan, the Summers are cool and trees are a beautiful bright green.

  • Enjoy activities with the wonderful Angela from internationallyME!

  • An internationallyUS collaboration.


  • From 29th July - 26th August, 2019.

  • Other dates to be announced! Make a booking for your desired month below.

What’s included:

  • Registration and textbook fees.

  • 20 Japanese lessons/week (4 lessons with breaks in between for 5 days, Monday to Friday) x 4 weeks. Learn conversational Japanese in Japan!

  • 3 exciting cultural activities/week.

  • Total for 4 week course: 221,400 JPY.

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Optional extras:

  • 4 week dormitory (shared room) accommodation can be added for 70,000 JPY.

  • 4 week hotel accommodation can be added for 140,000 JPY.

  • 4 week homestay can be added for 130,000 JPY.

Limited spots available!