Seasonal Courses

Example Activities:

☆ 書 道 SHODO; the art of calligraphy.

☆ 茶 道 SADO; the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

☆ 折り紙 ORIGAMI; the traditional Japanese paper folding art from the 17th Century.

☆ 生け花 IKEBANA; the traditional Japanese flower arrangement.

☆ 風 鈴 FUURIN MAKING; creating traditional Japanese wind chimes.

☆ 着物/浴衣 KIMONO AND YUKATA DRESSING; wear traditional Japanese dress.

☆ 和菓子 JAPANESE SWEETS MAKING; Enjoy making traditional Japanese sweets.

☆ 歌舞伎 KABUKI THEATER; a classical Japanese dance drama from 1603.

☆ 酒 SAKE TASTING TOUR; tast the traditional Japanese alcohol.

☆ 相 撲 SUMO TOURNAMENT; the traditional Japanese martial art.

☆ 食品サンプル FOOD REPLICA MAKING; make food displays which look very real!

☆ 座 禅 ZAZEN MEDITATION; as practiced by Zen Buddhist monks.

☆ 蕎 麦 SOBA MAKING; try the traditional Japanese noodle dish.

☆ お好み焼き OKONOMIYAKI; you can cook and eat Okonomiyaki, a Japanese style pizza as much as you want!

☆ 寿 司 SUSHI MAKING; the traditional Japanese dish!

☆ 居酒屋 IZAKAYA NIGHTS Party and converse at traditional Japanese pubs with your new friends!

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14+ Kyoto Summer Course (August 2018), <APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED>

15+ Tokyo Summer Course; in the video (August 2018), <APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED>

15+ Tokyo Winter Course  (Jan 2019), <AVAILABLE>

Study & Culture Courses (all year round). <LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE>.


Tokyo Summer! 15+ Course

Recommended For:
-Having fun learning conversational Japanese
-Doing exciting activities
-Making memories that will last your whole life, in the city of Tokyo.

August 2018.
Can't make it? See the Winter courses in January below, or the Study & Culture Courses all year round.

Brush up on your listening and speaking skills
-Free yukata (summer kimono) you can bring home
-Asakusa Rickshaw run
-Traditional tea ceremony
-Trip to Kamakura
-Tokyo Skytree
-Karaoke with friends
-Theme parks

School Features:
-The school provides free WiFi, computer stations, Japanese, Korean and English-speaking staff.

Tokyo Summer Holiday Course 15+:

3 weeks: 241,200 JPY

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Activities subject to change.

See accommodation options. (Can also be seen by pressing the yellow button below).

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Tokyo Winter! 15+ Course

Available January 2019.

For similar year-round courses starting from complete beginner level and above, please see the study & culture courses. (minimum age 14).

-Minimum age for this course is 15.

-You must know basic-level Japanese for this course. (about JLPT N5 level). Must know all Hiragana. Be able to do a self-introduction, talk about your country and family in Japanese. Be able to express time and money (from 0 to 9,999 yen).

Don't meet the requirements? See our total beginner courses.

Take part in unique activities, such as traditional tea ceremonies, wear kimonos with your new friends, tour the beautiful Nikko (a mountainous area near Tokyo), and learn to make your own sushi! All organised for you in one course in the exciting city, so no need to stress.

Enjoy the delicious food, friendly service and exciting nights out at your leisure.

-Learn conversational Japanese in class
-Take part in exciting activities:
-Tea Ceremony
-Tokyo Tower
-Tokyo Disneyland
-Kimono Dressing
-Nikko Tour
-Nikko Shrine & Edo Village
-Sushi Making
-Explore Tokyo in your free time

School Features:
-Free Wifi, computer stations, Japanese, Korean and English-speaking staff. Students are enrolling from over 35 different countries every year. (Make many new friends and learn about cultures from around the world!)


Live with a homestay so you can really learn the Japanese culture directly. This is highly recommended by previous students.
Student house or holiday apartment may also be arranged.
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Kyoto Summer! Age 14+ Course

(Applications now closed)

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Other courses offered all year round:

Learn about traditional culture, pop culture and life in Japan on top of learning practical Japanese (Age 14+)


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