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All Courses:

  • Immerse yourself in Japan

  • You do not have to be a current student

  • Optional cultural activities

  • Build an international network

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  • 1 week - 6 months. Minimum age 13. Most are in their 20’s. No age limit.

+ JLPT Intensive study

Learn essential skills to pass the language proficiency test.

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+ Communication Course

Learn practical, conversational Japanese. Learn more in a few weeks than by yourself or at university for a few years!

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+ Teen Program (13 - 19 year olds)

Learn with people your age, with extra support so your parents rest assured!

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+ 50 Plus Golden course

Special course available on request.

  • Other short-term courses:

Working Holiday

+ learn the language, Travel to different areas, work to offset travel expenses.

  • Only for people from eligible countries.
  • Age limit 18 to 25, up to 30.
  • Up to 1 year in Japan (able to switch visas afterwards).

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  • 6 months - 2 year language course in Japan.

  • Option to go into vocational college or university in Japan afterwards, which requires you to first have 12 years of primary/secondary education or equivalent.

  • Requires minimum junior high school graduation.

+ General Course

To learn the language, experience life in Japan, study well and achieve your goals.

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+ Intensive Course

Learn overall Japanese, with optional electives. Great if you want to study in Japan, but not clear on your future plans. Options to get help in getting into university in Japan, vocational college towards a profession in Japan, study towards Master's degree in Japan, job-finding (if you already have a degree), and help in passing the JLPT N2 or N1.

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+ Job-finding Course

If you already have a 4 year bachelor’s degree, you can go straight towards employment after reaching the necessary Japanese level. The language school can help find an employer to sponsor you a work visa.

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Or, go to vocational college instead (see below), and you do not require a degree to get a work visa.

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Vocational college(training, specialist college)

  • Requires JLPT N2 Japanese level (business-level) or equivalent.

  • Learn real-life skills and get experience for a profession.

+ Vocational college preparatory Course

Reach the required level and get guidance on choosing the school, passing the entrance exams.

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University in Japan

  • Requires JLPT N2 Japanese (business-level Japanese proficiency) or equivalent.

  • Get a degree in English or Japanese.

+ University Preparatory course

Learn all 4 skills reading, writing, speaking and listening, and prepare for the university entrance exams!

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Graduate School in Japan

+ Graduate School Preparatory course

Language school can help reaching the required level (JLPT N2, N1) and researching for your paper, even finding a suitable professor.

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You Can Study Anywhere In Japan.

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