Tokyo - Study Plus Japanese Cooking Course

Like Japanese food? It will taste even better if you hand-make it yourself!

Recommended For:

Those who love Japanese food, want to learn the language, the tradition and customs surrounding the food, and want to make their own!


  • Learn to make Japanese food twice a week. Make it in your home country for yourself, share it with your family and friends!



Schedule: (2020)

January 06~ 2020

March 30~ 2020

July 06~ 2020

October 05~ 2020

(Dates don't suit? See the Pop Culture Course available all year round).


Conversation Course:

Monday - Friday (9:10 - 12:40)
(20 lessons per week)
Learn conversational Japanese in the mornings, so study and explore Tokyo after school on your free days!

Cooking lessons:
Wednesdays and Fridays (14:30-16:30)
Twice a week after school; cook and enjoy hand-made Japanese food! (8 cooking lessons total!)


  • Learn conversational Japanese and learn to make the food.

  • Learn the history of sushi

  • Make your own miso soup from the soup stock

  • Learn about Japanese ingredients

  • Make your own udon

  • Learn about the 4 seasons and wagashi; Japanese traditional sweets.

  • Learn about the culture and make your own Japanese bento box lunches.

  • Make decorative sushi

  • Party at the end showcasing your skills and of course, tasting the delicious food!

School Features:

  • Great student support; smaller school.

  • 4 minute walk to Suidobashi station.

  • WiFi

  • Friendly students and teachers

  • Great range in age and nationalities.

Cooking course + Conversation course tuition = 158,000 JPY. Conversation course begins on Monday the 9th of July 2018.

Cooking course + Conversation course tuition = 158,000 JPY. Conversation course begins on Monday the 9th of July 2018.


Is it okay to join the course even if I cannot speak Japanese?

-> Yes, it is fine. The teacher will be using Japanese and English in the lessons.

I have no cooking experience. Is it still okay to apply to this course?

-> Yes! The course will teach you everything (from how to use the cooking tools) so please do not worry.

I have dietary restrictions, is it still okay to join?

-> Yes, that won’t be a problem.

Total Costs:

You pay the same price direct to the school. Bank charge is not needed if paying online.


Airport pickup is optional. We can help look for other accommodation if needed.

Application process:

Choose course -> Apply Today -> Choose accommodation -> Receive confirmation and pay school -> Prepare for Japan!

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