Tokyo - Study Plus Japanese Cooking Course

Like Japanese food? It will taste even better if you make it yourself!


Recommended For:

Those who love Japanese food, want to learn the language, the tradition and customs surrounding the food, and want to make their own!


  • Learn to make Japanese food twice a week. Make it in your home country for yourself, share it with your family and friends!


Distinctive Features:

  • Learn both the language, the customs and culture and how to make Japanese food.


  • Medium; learn efficiently while enjoying the culture.


  • Learn conversational Japanese and learn to make the food.
  • Learn the history of sushi
  • Make your own miso soup from the soup stock
  • Learn about Japanese ingredients
  • Make your own udon
  • Learn about the 4 seasons and wagashi; Japanese traditional sweets.
  • Learn about the culture and make your own Japanese bento box lunches.
  • Make decorative sushi
  • Party at the end showcasing your skills and of course, tasting the delicious food!

School Features:

  • Great student support; smaller school.
  • WiFi
  • Friendly students and teachers
  • Great range in age and nationalities.



April 4th Wednesday to 27th, Friday

Cooking lessons on Wednesday and Friday; twice a week!


Conversation Course:

Monday - Friday


Is it okay to join the course even if I cannot speak Japanese?

-> Yes, it is fine. The teacher will be using Japanese and English in the lessons.

I have no cooking experience. Is it still okay to apply to this course?

-> Yes! The course will teach you everything (from how to use the cooking tools) so please do not worry.

I have dietary restrictions, is it still okay to join?

-> Yes, that won’t be a problem.

Is it possible to join from the middle of the course?

-> No, unfortunately not. All 8 lessons of the course are designed to learn about “Japanese Food”, hence, the curriculum does not allow participants to join from the middle of the course.

Total Costs:


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