Beginner Courses

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4 week course on the basics in Tokyo.

Begin your journey studying towards:
University in Japan,
Finding full-time work in Japan and more.

Study practical Japanese & do fun cultural activities.

Focus mainly on communication!

Tokyo - Beginner Basics Course (Hiragana/Katakana)


Learn the Real Basics, Efficiently in Japan


Recommended for:

  • Total beginners

  • Learning the real basics such as Hiragana, Katakana and simple phrases, while getting to live in and explore Tokyo.


  • You must be 16+ to join the course.

There is no age limit or other requirements; you are welcome to join!


30 years of experience and trust

Many graduate student referrals

Enhanced support system

Wide variety of nationalities to meet

Learning Hiragana; the Japanese alphabet. あさ= asa, morning.

Learning Hiragana; the Japanese alphabet. あさ= asa, morning.

School Features:

  • Free Wifi, computer stations, Japanese, Korean and English-speaking staff, effective and informative counselling sessions, various school activities and many opportunities to make Japanese friends.

  • Only 4 minutes walk from Suidobashi station, Tokyo.


  • Learn how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana (the Japanese alphabet)

  • Learn to speak about yourself and your home country

  • Have simple everyday conversations in Japanese.

  • Fun activities are organised by the school; such as tea ceremony or going hiking!


Classes are Monday to Friday in the morning from 9:10 - 12:40 (3.5 hours).

  • Enough time in the afternoon, evening and weekends to study hard and also explore Tokyo.



4 week course: 94,000 yen (about 856 USD).

(Fee includes registration for the school, text book and course tuition).


Option 1) 4 weeks homestay: 94,000 JPY (about 856 USD).

(This fee includes the placement fee for homestay, breakfast & dinner for weekdays and 3 meals are included for weekends).

Option 2) 4 weeks guest house: 65,000 JPY (about 590 USD).

Transport from the airport

See what you can achieve in just 4 weeks!!

Starting dates for This Course:

2019 March 4 - March 29

2019 June 10- July 5

2019 September 2-27

2019 November 25 - December 20

Dates don't suit? See the Practical Japanese Course to start on the first Monday of every month for complete beginners.

Or, inquire for similar courses.

・This is a 4 week course recommended for complete beginners.


Are Flights Included?

Flights are not included, as courses are flexible and students prefer to make their own travel arrangements. Assistance can be provided if required.

Application Process:

Apply -> Choose accommodation -> Receive confirmation and pay school -> Prepare for Japan (we can assist), receive instructions -> Arrive in Japan!

Begin your application before spaces become full.